Monday, 6 August 2012


I try in vain to keep myself busy all day, I try really
But you are gone, and with you has gone much of me
I attempted to accept your absence, yet i am sad again
For it were only you mother who could take away my pain

I should have remained your child; you were my safe place
But I grew up and ran towards things, I had to win the race
I may go on to win the world now, but I will remain a loser
For I have lost you forever, and you are all I ever had mother

You brought me to this world, I don't know where I was before
I don't know where have they taken you, but I will meet you for sure
I wasn't around in your final moment mother; I hang my head in shame

I wish I were playing in our garden again and you called my name

I hope they treat you well on the other side, you deserve the very best
I have to stay in this world for some time, with selfish strangers, as a guest
Please wait for me mother, like you always did, till I reach my endpoint
Then I will come running to you like a child; this time I will not disappoint...