Tuesday, 26 June 2012

There is more to life

There is more to a life than mere living
There is more to a void than just nothing
We do what we do, and we do it over and over again
Desperately attempt to maximize pleasure, and minimize pain

But we die, we all die, and we die in our own arms
Reduced to ashes, we are fitted into suffocating urns
May be that is only fitting, because we love to be confined
By narrow expectations, and by rules disdainfully defined

It is too late now, you can't change your course
So distract yourself so much you don't feel the loss
You better not age, so you don't regret the years
You better not think, so you don't visit your fears

There is more to this blog than mere writing
There is more to the Y than mere whining
The show is on the road now, and the road never ends
From being to becoming, the life will now make amends...

Monday, 18 June 2012

And I quote

With an obvious shameless intention to add one to the count of the posts, tonight Y intends to share a few of his favorite blood-boiling hair-raising teeth-grinding mosquito-crushing (borrowed) quotes.
"The Ninety-Nines... That’s what I call ‘em. Ninety-nine out of a hundred people can’t fathom what I do. They scratch their heads, can’t believe my dedication to this great sport. Many don’t even think this a sport or that I have a life. Never let others define your ‘life’ for you. This is what I have chosen. This is the road I’ve taken, with all the potholes, bumps, and turns. The Ninety-Nines, they can’t commit 100% to being their best, to step up one day and stand tall among the giants."
(The 'sport' here is bodybuilding)
This one is again from a fellow member of the brotherhood of iron, makes Y realize that there are more weights to be lifted...in the world and in the gym -
"When I was an overweight kid just starting out, my ma said, “Hold on, son.” She thought I was too young, supplements too unhealthy. She thought bodybuilding wasn’t a respectable sport, let alone a profession…

When some of my friends starting seeing my level of dedication, all the sacrifices I had to make, they said, “Hold on, man.” Maybe I wasn’t spending enough time partying with them, getting drunk every weekend. Maybe they weren't my friends…

When my past girlfriends learned how serious I was about bodybuilding, they said, “Hold on, baby.” They thought they had to compete against bodybuilding for my attention. They didn’t. But I couldn’t convince them otherwise…

When people on the street looked at me, they said, "Hold on, stranger." They couldn't understand why I wanted to be this big... Why I couldn't eat just one slice of cake when dieting... Why I was doing this to myself. They don't get it now and they never fucking will...

When I first dreamed of competing one day and took my fucking game to the next level, my training partner said, “Hold on, Wrath.” He couldn’t keep up. Maybe he didn’t want to…

After I started lifting, whenever I forgot why I got into this game, I told myself, “Hold on.” I didn't start lifting to get back at the bullies who beat the living shit out of me after school... It wasn't to be cool or popular... It wasn't to get ass.

Why'd I do it then? Shit, I did it for me. I do this because I was born to... It's in my blood. This sport grounds me, gives my life meaning. Listen brothers, this shit is not for the faint of heart. Few can do what it takes. We are among those few. When you feel like you're drowning, catch your breath. When you want to hang it up, stand firm. When you feel like you can’t diet another day, when it’s hard to pick yourself up off the couch, get the fuck up. People will want to knock you down. Temptations will try to hold you back. Obstacles will stand in your way. Smash the fuck through 'em."
And some more inspiration to burn the world -
"It's the well-behaved children that make the most formidable revolutionaries. They don't say a word, they don't hide under the table, they eat only one piece of chocolate at a time. But later on they make society pay dearly..." 

"Only think of two things - the report of the pistol and the tape. When you hear one, run like hell until you break the other" 

"Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced."

"Those who hate most fervently must have once loved deeply; those who want to deny the world must have once embraced what they now set on fire..." 

 Copyright unreserved.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Harmonious and wholesome

Nobel Laureate Aang San Suu Kyi, says today, in her acceptance speech for the award which she won 20 years ago, 'Perfect peace may not be possible in this world, because perfect peace is not of this world'.

How true. This planet was designed by the evil alients to give them live amusement on their planet. It is their Big Brother show. And frankly, perfect peace will be boring to us humans too. What will the news channels broadcast 24X7? Bashar Al Assad hugged the demonstrators and wept bitterly. The demonstrators forgave him. Both the parties then hosted a gala dinner for all the Syrians. Meanwhile Russia and America destroyed their entire nuclear stockpile. In sports news, all the football matches will henceforth be friendly. The boxers will only be slapping each other softly, no more punching the guts out. In entertainment news, no celebrity died of drug abuse in the last one month, nor did anyone file for divorce.

Perfect peace will also mean no Nobel Prize for Peace. Don't think even the Nobel Committee will desire such a discomforting situation. Perfect peace is in nobody's interest. The world needs some violence all the time. You want to sleep in security every night and wake up in happiness every morning. Many nights and many mornings yes - but not every night and every morning. You desire a haromious and wholesome world.  Never possible. So says Y, violently yours.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

In those days...

And these days, men live like slaves, full of care, doing labor and experiencing pain. Old age and its worries visit them much before they are old, and they lose the strength of their hands and vision of their eyes making power point presentations. They live in constant insecurity, and they fear every other man. They die as if they never lived, overcome by sudden remorse for a life wasted doing all that should never have been done. Every evil is theirs; they live in their 2BHKs and 3BHKs, not in this world. They still drink though, but even that is done as a duty...every weekend...

George Cohan found life very funny. I find it tremendously absurd.

Life's a funny proposition, after all  (George Cohan)

"Did you ever sit and ponder,

Sit and wonder, sit and think,

Why we're here and what this life is all about?

It's a problem that has driven

Many brainy men to drink,

It's the weirdest thing they've tried to figure out.

About a thousand diff'rent theories

All the scientists can show,

But never yet have proved a reason why

With all we've thought

And all we're taught,

Why all we seem to know,

Is we're born, and live a while and then we die.

Refrain 1

Life's a very funny proposition after all,

Imagination, jealousy, hypocrisy and all.

Three meals a day, a whole lot to say;

When you haven't got the coin you're always in the way.

Ev'rybody's fighting as we wend our way along,

Ev'ry fellow claims the other fellow's in the wrong;

Hurried and worried until we're buried and there's no curtain call.

Life's a very funny proposition after all.

Verse 2

When all things are coming easy, and when luck is with a man,

Why then life to him is sunshine ev'rywhere;

Then the fates blow rather breezy and they quite upset a plan,

Then he'll cry that life's a burden hard to bear.

Though today may be a day of smiles, tomorrow's still in doubt,

And what brings me joy, may bring you care and woe;

We're born to die, but don't know why, or what it's all about,

And the more we try to learn the less we know.

Refrain 2

Life's a very funny proposition, you can bet,

And no one's ever solved the problem properly as yet.

Young for a day, then old and gray;

Like the rose that buds and blooms and fades and falls away,

Losing health to gain our wealth as through this dream we tour.

Ev'rything's a guess and nothing's absolutely sure;

Battles exciting and fates we're fighting until the curtain falls.

Life's a very funny proposition after all."

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Violent Quiz

  1. Do you maintain a ready list of people you would love to personally strangulate, bludgeon, shredder or suffocate with a pillow as soon as the government grants you legal immunity?
  2. Do you enjoy watching violent movies, especially the ones in which everyone dies in the end?
  3. Do you think violence is the primal virtue of every man?
  4. Do you think non-violence is the refuge of the weak?
  5. Do you get visions from your past life where you are riding a white horse and wielding a shiny sword and shouting cuss words at your enemies?
  6. Do you regret that the world has moved on from long shiny swords to small automated weapons with mufflers, stripping the kill of its thrill?
  7. Do you think there should be a Nobel Prize for the most violent act of the year?
  8. Do you think peace prizes are won because of the hard and violent work done by other, real men?
  9. Do you secretly or openly admire Hitler?
  10. Do you sometimes get annoyed so much with the irritating sound of your colleagues laughing at some inane corporate joke, that you want to get up and smash their heads against each other...and then start laughing yourself? (you better say yes to this long question - took some effort in creating this one!)
  11. Do you teach the alphabet to your kid in this fashion - A for AK 47, B for Balls....V for Violence...?
  12. Do you help your kid frame sentences in this fashion - With an (A for) AK 47 and some (B for) Balls, you can achieve a lot of (V for) Violence.
If your scores are

  1. Yes - more than 8 times - then you are very very violent
  2. Yes - more than 5 times - then you are very violent
  3. Yes - 1 to 5 times - then you are potentially violent
  4. Yes - 0 times - then go kill yourself