Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bastardization of creativity...

She was trying to sketch the perfect horse. She was so bad at sketching she ended up drawing an imperfect donkey, the left half of which was thinner than the right half. A connoisseur par excellence bought it for a million bucks. To him it appeared to capture the world as it stands - imperfect, without any sense or symmetry. To Y it still seemed like the donkey gone wrong. But then, with a post graduate diploma in pyrotechnics, Y can be forgiven for demonstrating destructivity with complete disdain.

It seems to Y that creativity is the most abundant of the aliens' gifts to mankind. He feels that if he were to tell you 'Wow you are so creative', your reponse will be 'How could you possibly know?!'. There is no escaping the creators - they are saying Hieeee in place of Hi, taking photographs of the greenest grass in every garden, reviewing the works of other creators, adding animation to power point presentations, and making elliptical patterns  out of pissing. He predicts that being uncreative will also become creative because very few people can manage to be like that. With so many people thinking 'outside the box' all the time in all the companies, very soon noone will need the box.

With so much creativity in this world, Y wonders why is there any destruction at all.

What a creative post, this one!

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