Sunday, 29 April 2012

God spelled backwards is doG

The big question he is trying to answer today is this - did dog come before god? The word, that is. If that is the case, then surely the evil aliens induced this prank in some vulnerable human to spell it backward and assign the resultant word to what the Oxford dictionary calls 'the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being'.

However, if god came before dog, spiritually and linguistically, why was dog named so? Does the dog hold the key to understanding and who knows, even reaching god? Y strongly feels that when he dies right at the edge of the Mayan calendar, he will see one of the dogs he made run around the neighborhood with firecrackers tied to his tail, appear with a halo around the tail. All the animal lovers will go to heaven, all the dog bashers will burn in hell.

The prophecY has it henceforth - worship your gods and goddesses, but don't forget your dogs and bitches. Wait a second. Bitch spelled backwards is no goddess. So forget the bitches. God is male. And Y spelled backwards is Y - thankfully there are no hidden meanings here.


  1. God is the English word and it probably shows the thinking of Englishmen who saw such a great similarity between God & Dog.we may be blamed for vilifying the pious word 'God' but the fact is, no theist can identify what is written in .........odgodogodogodogodogodogodogo...............unless they bring their prejudice in search for the meaningful word.So every thing seems relative and every dog is a god and every god is a dog if read backward.