Saturday, 3 November 2012

Just take it

What makes you crawl O ferocious one? Why do you volunteer yourself to slavery while every moment you want to be free? Freedom is your true nature, bondage you got from your nurture. Shun the shackles...obliterate the obstacles. You will never get to choose your death; but you may live the life you want. They taught you to fear the unknown. It is time you hunted it down.
Live in the darkest dungeon if you hate light. Burn yourself in the sun if you seek spotlight. Hate this world? Destroy it. Want the world? Just take it. Isn't it a shame, knowing all along that you can do anything, you still went about your disgusting routine, being nothing. Design or destroy - don't just keep admiring your life from a distance. It is time to test your childhood hypothesis - that you are not like anyone else. This pursuit of your potential self will define you. Let your ego run amok. You are not a shadow. You are not invisible. Not anymore. Give yourself a God you can see - worship yourself. This life, this journey, is about enlightenment. Don't worry, you won't die of hunger. If you don't have enough food, you will hunt down beasts. It is in your nature.

You became terminally ill the moment you were born. Whatever you did from then on, it won't preempt or prevent your death. Yes you are going to die, and isn't it very liberating? You can lose everything, yet laugh at it. But there you are, chasing and purchasing the trivial nothings. No, we are not communists; we don't believe in universal happiness and brotherhood. Infact we realized in our very childhood what dawned on the Buddha after medidating for years - this life is boring, the world is a sad place, and we all die. Just that we don't preach or practice the middle path. We are extremists.

You are bored of being an obedient tail-wagging participant in the world order. If the world is spared an armageddon this December, you will end it yourself. Won't you?


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