Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pillar of Cloud

It is fascinating to see how Israel destroys its enemies at will. It is always liberating to see nations shedding off the irritating garb of diplomacy to display the only true emotion in the world - vengeance. It is so peaceful to know that there are leaders in this world who are not chasing the Nobel Peace Prize.
Israel's intelligence agency blasted the car and the body of the military leader of Hamas to tiny pieces. Now Hamas seeks revenge for this act of revenge. Rockets will be fired, bombs will be detonated, lives will be lost. Could this be one last chance for the world to give itself an armageddon it truely deserves? Chances are remote; lets hope more nations get involved.
Israel calls this Operation Pillar of Cloud. Apparently, Pillar of Cloud is a biblical event. God is dead, religion is in cemetery and the believers have been diagnosed with terminal weakness. But we don't really mind a good war for god's sake, do we?   

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