Saturday, 16 June 2012

Harmonious and wholesome

Nobel Laureate Aang San Suu Kyi, says today, in her acceptance speech for the award which she won 20 years ago, 'Perfect peace may not be possible in this world, because perfect peace is not of this world'.

How true. This planet was designed by the evil alients to give them live amusement on their planet. It is their Big Brother show. And frankly, perfect peace will be boring to us humans too. What will the news channels broadcast 24X7? Bashar Al Assad hugged the demonstrators and wept bitterly. The demonstrators forgave him. Both the parties then hosted a gala dinner for all the Syrians. Meanwhile Russia and America destroyed their entire nuclear stockpile. In sports news, all the football matches will henceforth be friendly. The boxers will only be slapping each other softly, no more punching the guts out. In entertainment news, no celebrity died of drug abuse in the last one month, nor did anyone file for divorce.

Perfect peace will also mean no Nobel Prize for Peace. Don't think even the Nobel Committee will desire such a discomforting situation. Perfect peace is in nobody's interest. The world needs some violence all the time. You want to sleep in security every night and wake up in happiness every morning. Many nights and many mornings yes - but not every night and every morning. You desire a haromious and wholesome world.  Never possible. So says Y, violently yours.

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