Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Violent Quiz

  1. Do you maintain a ready list of people you would love to personally strangulate, bludgeon, shredder or suffocate with a pillow as soon as the government grants you legal immunity?
  2. Do you enjoy watching violent movies, especially the ones in which everyone dies in the end?
  3. Do you think violence is the primal virtue of every man?
  4. Do you think non-violence is the refuge of the weak?
  5. Do you get visions from your past life where you are riding a white horse and wielding a shiny sword and shouting cuss words at your enemies?
  6. Do you regret that the world has moved on from long shiny swords to small automated weapons with mufflers, stripping the kill of its thrill?
  7. Do you think there should be a Nobel Prize for the most violent act of the year?
  8. Do you think peace prizes are won because of the hard and violent work done by other, real men?
  9. Do you secretly or openly admire Hitler?
  10. Do you sometimes get annoyed so much with the irritating sound of your colleagues laughing at some inane corporate joke, that you want to get up and smash their heads against each other...and then start laughing yourself? (you better say yes to this long question - took some effort in creating this one!)
  11. Do you teach the alphabet to your kid in this fashion - A for AK 47, B for Balls....V for Violence...?
  12. Do you help your kid frame sentences in this fashion - With an (A for) AK 47 and some (B for) Balls, you can achieve a lot of (V for) Violence.
If your scores are

  1. Yes - more than 8 times - then you are very very violent
  2. Yes - more than 5 times - then you are very violent
  3. Yes - 1 to 5 times - then you are potentially violent
  4. Yes - 0 times - then go kill yourself


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