Saturday, 28 April 2012

Causa proxima non remota spectatur...

A diversity of violent actions perpetrated by people who are aware that the odds they will return alive are close to zero.

This is how they define suicide attacks. This is why he is such an admirer of the deadly and the dead bomber. In his opinion he epitomizes the essence of conviction. His is the selfless act. In annihilation he seeks salvation. Fed up of the world, assigning to himself a pseudo cause, with supreme disdain for everything ordinary, the bomber sets himself ablaze.

Y doesn't for a moment support the motive behind or the result of the bombing. He too is saddened by the wails and cries of the bereaved families of the deceased. But he wonders which training and development program in the corporates of this world can match the results of such a training for destruction program? He closes his eyes and minces his teeth when the doctor draws his blood for a medical test. He can't believe there exist people in this world whose hands don't tremble when they pull the plug on their lives.

Death awaits all mortals. And there are no immortals, so death basically awaits all. While the fearful like him try to indulge in the world to distract themselves from the causa finalis, there are a handful who romanticize death. The immediate cause is death. The immediate effect is death.

But the lovers of liquidation must be careful about the means of extermination. He is told that there are too many Chinese bombs being bought by the terrorists to save costs as the double dip recession approaches. Imagine a suicide bomber who shouts his battlecry and pulls out the pin of his bomb in slow motion while the spectators stand numb, but the bomb doesn't go off. Then the people catch hold of him and stone him to death. Then, what if the bomb fails and people run away too. He will have to hang his head in shame and go back to his tribe and technicians as a suicide bomber who came back alive. The children of his brethren will taunt him, 'look ma...suicide uncle is alive'.

Damn, there are risks involved in this act too. There is nothing safe anymore in this world. And they can't even rehearse for this, for how can anyone practice dying!

Tough profession, this dying and doing one.

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