Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One life. Do More.

This quote caught his attention in the gym a few days back. And it has been haunting him ever since. That he is reading a book which relates to a similar theme doesn't help either. He is beginning to believe that like the protagonist of 'The Stranger', when the moment approaches, he will also be concluding, 'everything happened to me...I never acted myself'. He is not exactly a failure in the world, considering that he has managed to make the best out of all the opportunities he got. But that's the issue with his existence - he didn't create opportunities, just grabbed a few which came his way. He seeks refuge in music, vents out his anger in the gym, runs his lungs out sometimes. He tries to convince himself that good men bad men, great men small men, successful men failed men, they all die. Everything reduces to nothing. Being to becoming to nothing - this is how we move in life - towards death.
But then, once in a while, he comes across such powerful statements which jolt him out of his cocoon of futility. O yes, he isnt doing more. He isnt even doing the bare minimum. He can do more. He can do so much more. He had illusions of becoming the greatest man to have ever walked on earth. Can he now reclaim the lost territory of his childhood dreams?

Or will he only write about it?

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  1. Completely identify with this feeling! Wish someone had just told me in my childhood to dream less and do more!

    (And btw loved The Stranger by Camus).

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