Sunday, 22 April 2012

The revolution got auctioned honey

Does it happen to you - the blurring of vision, the dimming of light, the silencing of noise, the turning of people sitting next to you into cartoons? It happens to him frequently, especially in formal settings. He first tries to absorb the seriousness of the occasion, he fails. He wonders if the other participants are actually as enthusiastic about the trivia or are they only pretending. Surely they are pretending. So he pretends too. For sometime. Then he realizes others pretend better, so relatively he is still not performing as well as he should. But then all his life he has been pretending - convinced that one mediocre act will lead to a lesser mediocre act ad infinitum. So he can pretend to himself but not to others? Then what good is this practice of pretense anyway? Slowly he slips into his own world - the one of which he is the greatest revolutionary - muffling the meeting.

In his private world, he is running out of time. Even in the public world everyone is running out of time - but the fact that noone knows the total time allotted makes it fashionable to waste years living the prescribed life. The wishes of the individual surrenders to the whims of the common. Not so in his world. There the progress of the planet depends on the individual acts of defiance. The negative forces unleashed by the evil aliens try to force the men into subjugation, but the men resent. They are ably led by our hero - the savior of the world - who moves from fort to fort with a clenched fist and a shiny sword. In the decisive war, he takes time out from his tours to personally slaughter a myriad evil aliens. He, at his punitive best, also beheads a few feeble minded humans, who surrendered to the demands of the aliens, embracing with alacrity the mundane life. As the supreme commander of the revolution to save the individual from extinction, he allows every soldier to fight in his own instinctive way. The aliens, by some evil trick, replenish their population. They try to lure the weak-willed into submission by offering them something which they had never heard of before - jobs. The aliens hope that jobs will keep the humans so occupied they will never have the time to think about the revolution. Much to the disappointment of the savior of the world, there are many takers for jobs. Little do they know that the jobs have been created to cast a spell on them - the moment they get their hands on a job, they will only want to preserve it and grow it. The hero wants to stay away from any job lest it may lead him astray the path of revolution. How to deal with this phenomenon of jobs which alienates his comrades from him? Should he also get into a job to take others out of it?

'So do you want to retain your job or not?', the leader of the revolution is extracted out of his private world by this question. 'You don't seem to be interested in this meeting at all.'

'Ofcourse I want this job Sir, I was only thinking about the negative impact that our entry into this new market may have on our bottom line in the short run. However, I think, on an average and in the long run, the impact will be positive'.

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